Sunday Morning Bible Study

Weekly at 9:15 am

Maxwell-Bean Class

Originally called “the Library Class” because they began as Sunday School “renegades” who “hid out” in the library, this group will study what they want, for how long they want. This is the place for anyone with a strong independent streak!


Hastings Class
Participants develop topics based on class interest. Most parents straggle into this class…the latest to arrive is greeted as warmly as the first! On the road, literally and figuratively, this class enjoys sharing the journey as they grow.


Howe-Hickman Class
The leaders of this group are both professionals in the education field. Participants share their passion for learning while balancing wonderfully full lives, careers and family. All are welcome to take a breath and drop in!



If you enjoy a good conversation, join this class as they select the topic of study from the BaptistWay Press. You will find enduring friendships that creates a safe environment to study God’s word.



The Howe-Hickman Class continues to offer a virtual option.  If you would like to join the class via zoom, email dwatts@kirkwoodbaptist.org.

Every Sunday we gather at 9:15 am to open the Bible and supporting resources to explore how God is speaking to us as individuals and as a community. Scripture provides the rich soil needed to grow in our understanding of what it means to be a child of God.  We provide classes for all ages, and adults choose which class best fits their needs. Feel free to visit multiple classes to find the group that meets you where you are on your journey. 

Bible Study for Students and Children

Middle School and High School Students are part of the Youth Group at KBC, and Sunday Morning is the prime time for these students to gather to explore the Bible.

You can learn more about ministries with students on the Student Ministries page.

College students, whether home for the holidays or attending locally are part of the Young Adult Class. 

Preschoolers and Children are welcomed at the Family Reception Area on the lower level. We have classes for infants-fifth graders with teachers who are committed to introducing students to the stories of our faith. A child’s first experiences at church help to form their lifelong feelings about church and worship. The teaching material provides a scope and sequence that allows children to learn the stories of the Bible with age appropriate methods. By the time they move to the youth division your child will have a good understanding of the complete Bible narrative.  

Learn more on the Family Ministry page.