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As Christians we believe...

That God is Triune, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

That Jesus lived on this earth, was crucified, buried, and resurrected and now reigns with God. 

That anyone can be forgiven of sin and can join in relationship with God. 

That God created and sustains the world and desires relationship with all. 

That after Jesus resurrection God sent the Holy Spirit as God's continual presence on Earth. 

That sin is the reality in which we live and we seek reconciliation with God and the hope of resurrection.

That God was Incarnate through Jesus Christ. 

That scripture is inspired by God and is meant to assist in faith and practice. 

That the church is meant to be the Kingdom of God on earth until it comes in its fullness when Christ returns. 

What Makes Us Baptist

KBC is a historic Baptist congregation, however, not all Baptist churches look the same. The closest thing to a confession of faith we follow is the Baptist Faith and Message 1963. We do not, however, use it as a creedal statement or requirement for membership. 

Specifically, here are some of our historic Baptist beliefs:

Local Church Autonomy

We believe each Baptist church is meant to be a community of believers who are autonomous in governance and affiliations. We choose what groups we partner with and minister alongside. At KBC, we partner primarily with The Cooperative Baptist Fellowship and CBF Heartland. 


We believe all followers of Christ have a role to play in the church body and EVERYONE is eligible to be a leader.

Priesthood of the Believer

We believe through the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus each person has been given direct access to God. No person needs an arbitrator to fellowship with God, understand Scripture, or engage in ministry. 

Soul Competency

We believe that each person is responsible for their own relationship with God. Life with God is not something someone else can do for you. We believe God gave us free will to choose to or not to be in relationship with Him. 

Believers Baptism

We believe each person should make the decision if and when to be baptized.  We accept into membership anyone who has made a profession of faith and been baptized in a Christian Church. Baptism is a symbolic act that reminds us of the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus. 

Baptist Faith and Message 1963

We follow the Baptist Faith and Message 1963, yet we do not use it as a creedal statement or requirement for membership. 

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