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Reconnecting through Worship and Sunday School

The past 14 months have not been easy for many of us. We have had to face a pandemic, which if you ask has never been on my bucket list. At the same time, it has also been a season that I hope has prepared us for our next steps as a congregation. As we begin the process of reconnecting through in-person worship, and Sunday School I want us to be mindful that we have hopefully learned something along the way. And here are some things I have learned about KBC in the past 14 months:

We can be adaptable, when we have to be. We need to all be honest and look at ourselves in the mirror, because we shifted into an online worship format quickly, which is to be celebrated. I want to thank everyone who has played a role in creating that medium for worship. I also want us to be reminded that there are times at KBC where we have been loath to change. As we move forward, maybe we remember that beautiful new things can come out of change. Maybe we will learn that change requires trust as well.

We have an amazing staff and not just our pastoral staff. Everyone on the staff pivoted at a moment’s notice to alter what was happening in the building. The WEE Center teachers switched to an online format for their students to end the 2019-2020 school year. The administrative staff set up workstations at home in a moment’s notice. Jim changed his work and moved toward more sanitation protocols. The pastoral staff shifted into a much different way of being a minister as well. I am proud and grateful to work alongside these gifted men and women.

We need to learn from our past and be open to what God is doing with us in the future. This past year has offered us a proverbial “reset” switch. It has offered us the opportunity to stop doing some things that may have not been working and hopefully give us imagination for what can be in the future. I also believe this time has given us a chance to prioritize what is most important at KBC.

It is my hope and prayer that as we begin this reconnection process that everyone will find their way forward. I am aware that some of us are ready to get back into the sanctuary for worship last month and others who are struggling with the idea of gathering. Please know we are in prayer for all of you as you determine the path forward. Please reciprocate with prayers for all of us as we do the same.

Grace and Peace, MV


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