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I've Been Meaning to Ask...

As we continue to reconnect as a church family and with our community around us, we will do a summer Bible study and worship series entitled, “I’ve been meaning to ask…” The series begins in three weeks on July 18, and it will last for four weeks (July 18, July 25, August 1, and August 8). Bible study groups will meet at 9:15 and worship will be at 10:30, of course.

In the last year of this pandemic, not to mention a campaign and election season like no other, we have felt sharply the pangs of three prominent realities in our world, particularly in our nation: we are deeply divided; we are isolated and disconnected; we desperately need hope. It is evident that we desperately need community now more than ever. This summer series will focus on community—how we build it, repair it, and sustain it. While the solutions to our challenges feel daunting, these questions are simple. All courageous conversations begin with simple questions and the curiosity to truly listen. The series’ title, "I've been meaning to ask..." is a phrase that implies intention and care. This series is shaped around guiding questions that lead us deeper into the heart of the matter. We will explore questions such as, “How can we truly listen to one another? How do we find connection despite physical and ideological distance? How do we create space for compassionate dialogue and for seeking the holy in one another?” We hope this series helps us disrupt assumptions, cultivate curiosity, foster listening, and, God willing, find deeper connections to one another.

Kyle Damron

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