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Updated: Mar 25, 2021

God of grace and mercy,

The life we have comes from you. We breathe through the breath of your spirit. You have made a world that inspires us to live life fully. When we pay attention, your beautiful creation in nature and the love shared among friends and family fills our lives to overflowing.

Despite your abundant provision we don’t always value what we have, what we see. We overlook grace and goodness and we take for granted that we have breath.

Forgive us for gazing at our perceived lack, pining for wishes, blurring our vision that distorts our blessings.

Forgive us our complacent hearts, our neglect of living life to the full.

Forgive us when we take advantage of others, treating them as a means to an end rather than as a life created by you.

Forgive us and renew us so we may truly respect and honor the gift of living. Shift our gaze, clear our vision, guide us to assign value due to your gifts of life for all.

The life we have we give back to you in praise and adoration.

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