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One of the first things we teach our children is how to pray.  We begin with the familiar posture of bowing heads, closing eyes, and folding hands.  We teach them the most basic parts of prayer:  Thank you for....God bless....Please help...

We memorize the Lord's Prayer and it is a significant way to join in prayer in worship as well as to join with Christians around the world in offering the same prayer in unity.

We engage in prayer in worship both through the guidance of worship leaders and privately.

We gather with others to pray together for needs and concerns and to express joy and celebration for answered prayer.

At its most basic, prayer is spending time in God's presence.  Exploring, teaching and engaging the many methods and tools for prayer is one way we seek to help all deepen their relationship with God.  On the Formational Opportunities  page you can see some of the gatherings available.  

Prayers from Worship

Below are posts of some prayers that have been offered in worship for further reflection.

New Prayer Room

We are in the process of creating a space for prayer that will be available to all and include a variety of prayer tools to enhance the spiritual practice of prayer.

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