Faith Formation

Thankfully, there is no single path to faith formation and transformation.  It is our task to find those practices that contribute to our transformation into the image of Christ.  Here are a few ways we seek to provide an environment where you can encounter God.

Sunday Morning Bible Study for All Ages

A core belief of Baptists is the priesthood of the believer.  When reading and studying the Bible, this means God can speak to each of us as we explore the text.  The link above describes the groups of adults that study together each Sunday at 9:15 am

Family Ministry

Parents are the primary influencers of faith formation for their children.  KBC seeks to multiply the value of parents’ efforts.  There are many good places you can take your children to teach them new skills, or to provide them with enriching experiences.  KBC wants to be the place you come with your children to connect.  Our goal is to create opportunities for you to connect with your child, to connect with other families, and to connect with God.

Prayer Ministry

There are many ancient prayer practices that help us enter into God’s presence.  Included here are opportunities for corporate and intercessory prayer.

Wednesday Evening Bible Study – Another weekly opportunity for Bible Study is on Wednesday at 6 pm.  This study is led by our Pastor.  Sometimes we dive into a book of  the Bible, exploring it chapter by chapter.  Other times, we explore relevant topics.