#YWLMC – A Place to Begin …


A Place to Begin…



May Day is May 1st—Participate in the tradition of leaving flowers on the doorstep

  • Send a picture of flowers using social media
  • Leave flowers from your garden on a friend’s porch with a note

Write to a friend explaining why they would love KBC

  • Send that note by email
  • Send that note by snail mail

Share a sermon you like

  • Share the podcast link from the KBC website
  • Order a CD to deliver to a friend

Take a picture of a space at KBC that is meaningful to you

Go to lunch with someone at KBC you don’t know well

  • check in and tag all in your group
  • Talk about what brought you and keeps you at KBC

Introduce a friend to a “church friend”

  • share a post or tweet from a church friend to another friend
  • Have a coffee date to introduce new friends

Watch for where you see God at work in your day

  • Post or Tweet
  • tell whoever you are with at the moment what you saw

Put the #ywlmc logo in your workspace

  • Put it on your screensaver
  • Put a sticker on your coffee cup

Take a picture of you and your friends at church

  • Post and tweet and tag and #ywlmc
  • email those pictures to KBC

Sign your messages with #ywlmc

  • add #ywlmc to your electronic signature on your personal email account
  • Add #ywlmc to your signature when you send any kind of note or postcard

Make a list of three things you love about KBC

  • Post on social media
  • Tell two friends those three things

Perform a “random act of kindness”

  • share your experience on social media
  • leave a #ywlmc postcard

Take a video clip of a KBC friend, your family, or yourself saying what you love about KBC

  • post it on social media
  • show a friend the clip

Ways to use #ywlmc unique to Social Media:

  • Check-in to Kirkwood Baptist Church EVERY TIME you come to church
  • add #ywlmc to all of your posts and tweets
  • Change your profile picture to the #ywlmc logo or a picture of you at KBC.
  • Repost and retweet news from KBC that will appear on your timeline.
  • Tag KBC in your posts and tweets by adding @KirkwoodBaptist.
  • Search #ywlmc on Facebook, Twitter, or even YouTube to see what  everyone is saying and posting about why YOU WOULD LOVE MY CHURCH!

Ways to use #ywlmc other than using Social Media:

  • Hand out cups of water on a hot summer day with #ywlmc stickers on  them
  • Pay for the person behind you in the drive-thru line.  Leave the #ywlmc postcard for them if possible.
  • Send #ywlmc postcards to all you know.
  • Give a #ywlmc grocery bag to the people with you in the check out lane
  • Give away a #ywlmc flash drive (coming in August)

When you use, “You would LOVE my church” be sure to tell on yourself! Send an email to info@kirkwoodbaptist.org with your story and any pictures or video clips so we can share it! You might just have the idea someone else needs!