Capital Campaign

Respecting the past as we welcome the future…



In the spring of 2011 Kirkwood Baptist Church entered into a capital campaign in order to raise funds for building renovation.  Members pledged to give over a three year period, 1.3 million dollars.  We believe our facilities provide essential ministries in our community and are blessed by the generosity that allowed us to make our building as hospitable as our people!


Phase One renovation included our Great Hall and Mezzanine.

To see a copy of the Building Renovation Committee’s Update, given on July 27, 2011, click here.

 Click here to see the report given by the BRC on June 10th and 13th of 2012

Click here to see the 12/12/12 report from the Building Renovation Committee.


On Sunday, September 25th, Keith Stockberger presented a very creative report!  Watch below.


Devotional Readings – February 2011

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IRA information sheet


Estimated Cost Breakdown

Click here  to see copies of the proposed drawings and floor plans presented to the congregation on September 12th.  These plans are not blueprints and represent ideas which will be later refined after the campaign commitments have been tallied.  The leadership of KBC is committed to NOT incurring significant long term debt.