Hands On Community Award Recipients Kirkwood Baptist Church 2010

Famously Jesus instructed that his followers were to love their neighbors and care for others, particularly for the widow, orphan, poor, or oppressed.  Hence a significant value of Kirkwood Baptist Church is community service.  This has been the case since 1870.  In recognition of this, the Ministry Council, associate ministers, and Senior Pastor have selected five individuals to honor because of their exemplary service toward the healing and health of our city.   They will be honored as a part of our 140th celebration on July 6, 2010 at 7:30 p.m.

Jack Plummer, Kirkwood Chief of Police, Hands On Community Leadership, in recognition of his formation of the Kirkwood Chaplains – an effort to not only provide for the needs of the police, but also to promote community cohesion.

Ron Hodges, Chair of the Community for Understanding and Hope (CFUH), Hands On Community Catalyst, for CFUH and his work in the Meacham Park neighborhood.

Louise Duke,  active member of Kirkwood Baptist Church (KBC) , KBC Hands Above and Beyond Award, for her tutoring work with several local schools.  Louis has coordinated a group of 25 tutors from KBC for the last few years.

Bill & Margaret Bommarito, CFUH steering committee, active member of St. Peters Catholic Church,  Hands On Community Organizers, for their tireless efforts too get the community together and talking.

Donald Smith, Counselor Kirkwood High, Hands On Education Leadership, in recognition of his work with “My Brothers’ Keeper” and mentoring young men in our community.