“There’s an app for that.”

Ever considered how technology can enhance prayer life?”

Really! Search “Prayer” and see what pops up that might strengthen your personal prayer life.  Here are a few ideas to get you started using tech tools:

Find a website devotional:  KBC recommends, an on-line devotional produced by Passport, Inc.

Use E-mail: Sign up for an email reminder from an online source.  Pray through your e-mail address book.  Send a note telling your friend they were prayed for.

Data base prayers:  Pray through your “friends” list on Facebook.  Pray through your address book on your mobile phone.

Social Networking:  Post a prayer for the day.  Share a request.  Write on a friend’s wall when they share concerns or a celebration.

Computer/Phone/PDA: Set your wallpaper or screen saver to show a prayer or scripture.

Put “pray” on your daily “to do” list.

Alarm: My favorite tool for this year is the alarm feature on my phone.  After learning about the Benedictine Hours, I set “silent” alarms throughout the day.  By putting a brief prayer or scripture in the “label” section, a different prayer prompt pops up throughout the day.