Sunday School

Vibrant, fun and faithful Sunday School classes are available for all ages at 9:15 am Sunday mornings.


We consider it a privilege to join with parents in the process of spiritual formation.  At KBC, infants are learning to trust another caregiver to meet their needs.  This is a vital step in learning that God is trustworthy.  Toddlers and Two’s are exploring their world from a new point of view.  At KBC they are learning that God created this beautiful world.  Younger and Older preschoolers are hearing Bible stories for the first time that will become the basis from which to create their own story of growing faith in God.

  • Infants – room 245, teachers Von Hulin & Trish Jackson
  • 2 year olds – room 244, teachers Becky Fox & Tom Toth
  • Younger Preschool – room 129, teachers Monica Stefanic & Ken Copeland
  • Older Preschool – room 138, teachers Jenny & Karl Hartfelder & Tom Monje


As children enter elementary school their world gets even larger and the responsibility of families and the church community is to teach them skills and habits that will carry them throughout life.  KBC kids learn about the rhythms of the church year.  They learn the skills to use the Bible.  They begin to make connections between the stories of the Bible to their own life.

  • Kdg/1st grade –  room 112, teachers Darla Gavin, Pattye Taylor Phillips, Barry & Rose Rudert
  • 2nd/3rd grade – room 104, teachers Don Bee, Ginny Lawson & Heather Murch
  • 4th/5th grade – room 110, teachers Wendy Shaw & Don Hastings



Womens Bible Study Class – Conference Room There are many reasons you might enjoy gathering with women only to explore the Bible and its themes.    My prayer is that this offering will draw women from the KBC pews to a small group where God’s Word forms the foundation of shared friendship, honest exploration and life changing and inspiring insight.  Facilitated by Donna Watts.

Young Adult Class – Parlor We are a caring group of young adults that include individuals both married and single from college age into the early 30’s. Our group explores the vital issues of our time through the eyes of faith. We are interested in growing in our faith, building strong group connections, and making a positive difference in our community and the world. We occasionally take our class “on the road” to the St. Louis Bread Company down the street.  Mark Lawson serves as facilitator for this class. Join us on Facebook.

Maxwell-Bean Class – Room 304 Originally called “the Library Class” because they began as Sunday School “renegades” who “hid out” in the library, this group will study what they want, for how long they want. The place for anyone with a strong independent streak!

Luisi Class – Room 328A This class is taught by Don Luisi.  Join this class if you learn best at your own pace! Originally an all men’s class, women have joined the group as we study a book of the Bible at our own time and pace. A small, but tenacious group of learners.

Hastings Class – Room 330 Mary Hastings and Mekea Johnson develop topics based on class interest. Mostly young parents straggle into this class…the latest to arrive is greeted as warmly as the first! On the road, literally and figuratively, this class enjoys sharing the journey as they grow.

Smyth & Helwys Classes  

Howe & Hickman Class – Rooms 123/124

 Mike Howe and Carla Hickman, both in the education field, share their expert teaching passions with class members balancing wonderfully full lives, careers and family.  All are welcome to take a breath and drop in!

Joy (Calvin/Minich) – Room 239 A senior adult women’s class meeting each Sunday to continue to develop relationships built throughout the week.  Come and enjoy refreshing Bible study and discussion.

Schober – Room 328 Stories of scripture are searched and applied to life in this class of mostly retired men and women where study and prayer support comes naturally.

Agape (Dickerman) – Room 323 If you enjoy a good conversation, join this class as they select the topic of study from the BaptistWay Press.  You will find enduring friendship that creates a safe environment to study God’s word.

Richardson – Room 320 Master Teacher Roger Richardson employs the “Socratic method” of teaching spurring on great contributions from everyone in the class.