Hands On Liberia


Kirkwood Baptist joined with the Liberia Baptist Theological Seminary (LBTS) in Paynesville City, Monrovia, Liberia to help prepare the Seminary for reopening after the Ebola crisis in West Africa.  We filled a shipping container with goods and supplies that are needed at LBTS with the return of the approximately 100 students.   The project was being directed by seminary President Richard Francis Wilson and Olu Q. Menjay, President of the Liberia Baptist Missionary & Educational Convention, Inc.   The project was called “Hands On Liberia” and included a cross-section of Saint Louis churches and community groups who want to impact a region of the world suffering from the Ebola crisis.  It was an opportunity for people across Saint Louis (and the USA) to touch lives across the globe in a tangible and constructive way.