A Mother’s Day Prayer 2016

Mothers day 2016

A Prayer on Mother’s Day 2016 Donna LaFontaine Watts

God of Tender Grace,

We are children of mothers who were a blessing, easy to love and honor. We are children of mothers who loved us enough to let us go. We are children of mothers who chose us with a full heart. We are children of mothers who failed us, abandoned us. We are children of mothers who left us too soon. We ask your blessing on them all.

We are women who long to be mothers. We ask you to be present to our pain.

We are women who found ways to mother, sharing joy and love, investing in the lives of many children. We give you thanks for those precious relationships.

We are women called Mom, Momma, Mommy & Motherrr. The journey that led to the title is unique to each one; a story that flows from our lips as if the trip was just yesterday. We ask that you bless and protect our children.

We lay these requests before you, Generous God…prayers that mothers will have enough…

For mothers of new babies and toddlers, we pray for a good night’s sleep and enough energy to change one more diaper and to sing one more lullaby.

For mothers of preschoolers we pray for wisdom to answer yet one more question and enough sanity to play the game one more time.

For mothers of elementary children, we pray for enough time to practice spelling words and math facts and for a tender heart to listen to one more story.

For mothers of pre-teens we pray for enough wisdom to know when to talk and when to listen…when to discipline and when to affirm.

For mothers of teens we pray for enough courage to hold on and to really listen to what is said…and not said…and for even more courage to let go….

For mothers of adults, we pray for enough grace to embrace that toddler from yesterday that can now look us in the eye, even if we don’t see eye to eye. We pray for opportunities to cheer them on.

For mothers who know the exquisite pain of losing a child, we ask for your comfort.

These prayers offered by and for imperfect mothers are in the name of the perfect parent. Amen.

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