Why Nell Lockhart Loves KBC

As I walk from my car to the church doors, the rainbow of colors of the flowers and shrubs puts a smile on my face. I am happy, I am blessed, I am among friends, but most of all I am in God’s house.

Within this beautiful house my spirit and mind are renewed. I worship here, I sing and pray, and inside God’s house there are activities that strengthen my soul. There is wonderful music from the choirs, the orchestra and the piano. Opportunities abound for you and me to grow in our Christian life; Bible study, prayer meeting, choir and orchestra, youth activities, The Widow’s Might, Men’s Prayer Breakfast, The WEE Center, weddings, Global Women and many more activities for all ages.

I come to Kirkwood Baptist Church because it causes me to challenge my spiritual growth and calls me to serve. That’s why I love Kirkwood Baptist Church.


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