Home.  A small, four letter word that will evoke a strong, internal reaction.  The mind’s eye may fixate on a particular house, or present a slide show of faces.  Feelings of peace and fondness may fill you, or your jaw might unconsciously clench, sending your senses into protection mode.


In the last month or so, I have helped my parents move to a new home, moved my daughter home from her first year of college and moved my son out of the dorm and into a house while he attends graduate school.  While negotiating all of these moves, I realized my youngest has only lived in ONE home her entire life.  By the time I was 13 I had called 11 different houses, home.


Your vision of home is unique to your experience.  When you say, KBC feels like home, it is likely a bit different perspective than anyone else in the sanctuary on a Sunday morning.  This is one of the reasons for our summer emphasis #ywlmc.  What is behind the words, KBC feels like home?


KBC feels like home.  I am used to people coming in and out of my daily life.  My life experience says to make friends fast and enjoy that friendship while you can.  The kid sitting next to me the first day of Kindergarten was likely to move on to another Air Force base by Christmas break.  She was headed to another adventure, and a new friend would take her seat at the table.  When folks move away, there is a sense of loss, certainly.  But it is quickly replaced with a feeling of anticipation–who is coming to take that seat at the table?


KBC feels like home.  Because of social media, I have reconnected with people from my past that I would never have seen again.  Their pictures often look like their parents’ from all those years ago, but I love that I always see their 13 year old face when I read their posts.  It takes me back, to one or another of my homes and it invariably leads to a smile.  For me, to see the generations of families that have long been a part of KBC together in worship evokes that same feeling of nostalgic joy.


KBC feels like home. I am notorious in my home for rearranging things—furniture, closets, whatever.  I am always on the lookout for how a space can be better used, or searching for a more effective space for a particular item.  Every time we moved it was a challenge to fit our “stuff” into a new floor plan.  For me, home is a place that is constantly changing.


KBC feels like home.  Like most homes, there are things that go on behind the front door that are hard, painful, full of sorrow.  Our home, KBC, is no different.  I venture to say there is at least one thing everyone means when we say KBC feels like home:  When life brings joy as well as pain, these are the people we want to share with, to be with.  #ywlmc because it feels like home.

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