Where is….?

Which way is….?  Where do I….?  What happened to the….?  Sometimes I feel like my name should be Siri.  It is natural, with the responsibility I was given to manage our “stuff” during renovation that I have been most likely to be able to provide those directions.  But it has been very good for my soul to be able to check off some projects that have been on my to do list for at least the last year:

  • The new key box is set up and labeled so everyone can find the key they need.
  • Storage closets have labels on the doors and there is a new document published entitled, “but it used to be here.”
  • Classrooms have been labeled with proper numbers and class names.  (Someday we will get professionally made signs, but for now that Cameo machine makes pretty vinyl signs!)

The challenge has been to provide enough direction to be helpful and welcoming, but not use too many words or words that communicate more “do not” than “welcome!”  It is easy, especially with the investment we have made, to be protective of our new spaces.  We do need to do our best to care for and to maintain our space.  Yet part of the renovation was to design built-in-methods to help us do just that:

  • One paint color for ease in doing touch-ups
  • Low maintenance flooring
  • Secure spaces for storage

It has been a delight to observe the response of guests recently.  The most repeated phrase is, “This is so warm and inviting!”  I am excited that the our space reflects who we are:  a warm and inviting people.

We celebrate this Sunday, April 27, the completion of our Capital Campaign.  We will also provide information about our #campaign:  #ywlmc.  The intention is to dedicate the summer to finding creative ways to tell everyone “You would LOVE my church!”

Now, if we could only find where that board with all the name tags got to….

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