Global Women, Too!

That lovely little word, too, can mean a couple of different things.  A preschooler’s most repeated phrase, “Me, too!” communicates a wish to be included.  For many women, the most repeated phrase is, “Yes, I’ll do that, too” communicating the willingness to add one more thing to our to do list…which actually is our tired way to say, yes, that is one more thing that I care about, that I want to support, that I need to do, that I want to do.

I think that is why the title “Global Women, Too!” communicated to me.  We are the “middle” generation of women:  not retired, not done parenting, beginning to care for parents, mostly done with preschoolers but still with kleenex and gum in the bottom of our purses…you know us…we are the one’s who feel like we are beginning to lose our minds as often as we lose our keys!

We also want to be Global Women.  We want to be included.  We want to be inclusive.  We want to give, to study, to learn, to serve.  We care, too.

Our next gathering is Monday, September 13.  We will meet at Bread Co. at Watson and Lindbergh at 7 p.m.   We will share about what has been going on in our lives:  sending kids back to school, dealing with new teachers, getting kids to college, husbands work or health, our work joys and woes, the health status of our parents.  We will draw encouragement from sharing, knowing that another identifies with our burden.  We will go home with a few more prayers to offer on behalf of a friend.

We will also have available copies of a book that we will begin to study through the fall.  Bring your calendar so we can schedule a few gatherings between now and Advent.

The book is by Patricia Wilson, When You Come Unglued…Stick Close to God. What I really like about the book is that each chapter includes:  Group Exercises and Questions for group discussion or private reflection–you will be able to come ready to participate in the conversation; Prayerful concerns–sometimes we need someone else to come up with just the word we need to pray; Journal prompts–whether you journal or reflect without writing, some good thought-provokers; and my favorite:  Things to do before reading the next chapter–it’s sort of a dare–to take what you have read and reflected on and DO something with it..

I hope you will come.  It’s sure to be fun!  We want you, TOO!

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