Notice, Name, Thank

An excellent place to begin a time of prayer is to take time to notice.  Notice what God is doing in you and around you.  Notice what God is doing in and through those you love.  Ask God to help you see with the eyes of Christ.

Notice, and then name it.  List it. Proclaim it.  Call it good.  Claim it as a sighting of the Spirit of God.  Tell someone what you notice.  Let your naming be an encouragement to others.

Notice, Name it, and give God thanks.  Thank God for being present and active in your world, your life.  Thank God for allowing you to see evidence of God’s majesty, evidence of God’s mercy, evidence of God’s grace.

Gracious God,

I notice _______________________.  I name ____________ as your activity.  I give you thanks for _________________.  Amen.

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